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Award winning dedicated server hosting

 Fully Managed Dedicated Servers, based in the UK

A fully managed dedicated server gives you the maximum power, flexibility and security for your hosting.

Traditionally however, (as the saying goes) "..with great power comes with great responsibility".

Whilst your designers and developers will love having root access to the hardware, keeping the machine up to date and secure is often outwith their interest, remit, skillset or scope. This can potentially lead to disaster, embarrassment and a loss of clients.


Fully monitored, patched and up to date servers

An IFDNRG managed server comes with full support, we'll keep the base operating system and the installed service software up to date daily.

We'll look after your box as if it were one of our own. We have developed our own custom management software which enables us to properly manage and maintain a large number of discrete systems, enabling our customers to focus on their customers.

To offer such level of service, typically we will offer FreeBSD on our dedicated servers.

High Performance Web Hosting

We have typically a variety of servers available at any given time, most often using Supermicro hardware, which we find to be amazingly well built and reliable.

High end specifications typically include AMD EPYC 32 cores with 128-256GB RAM, and a mix of Nvme and SSD drives dependent on requirements.

Hosted in a globally connected network with full support your site will fly with high performance web hosting from IFDNRG.

Most often servers are fully managed so we'll handle updates daily, and we have out of band KVM's if ever required


Award winning dedicated server hosting

IFDNRG dedicated server hosting comes with five star reviews Five star Award winning dedicated server hosting

Hosting for designers and design agencies

We specialise in providing managed boxes for folks who want to know that all the effort they put into building their sites, gets matched by the hosting solution.

  • you do the cool design (you noticed we do li's as dots?)
  • we look after the stable, secure and redundant hosting
  • ... happy clients with great design and high performance stable hosting

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Specifications obviously continually change, so please call us for latest availability. Typically we'll have a range of servers ready to go.

Choose from our standard server options below (these are real machines, not just specs) or configure your dedicated server to any specification required.

Please note, we have limited availability of economy servers available.