Small Business

£4.99 pm / £59.88 pa

£9.99 pm / £119.88 pa

£19.99 pm/ £239.88 pa

£29.99 pm / £359.88 pa

10GB Web Space

50GB Web Space

75GB Web Space

125GB Web Space





50GB Bandwidth

150GB Bandwidth

250GB Bandwidth

500GB Bandwidth

1 site

2 sites

5 sites

15 sites

Web/Email hosting Features
Apache/NGINX + Hardened PHP + MySQL,
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FreeBSD server systems
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32 Core CPU's + 128GB RAM as standard on 64bit servers
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Daily Free local backup snapshots (30 days)
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Daily Free backups onto a live redundant server
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Daily Free backups onto an offsite server ( seperate DC)
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Fast & low latency connection
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Comprehensive choice of domain TLD's
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IMAP Email/ POP3 Support + Free SSL
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Secure UK Business Webhost

Secure web hosting is paramount to our operation and all shared hosts are completely locked down using chroot jails at both the ftp and http layer. All servers are protected by dynamic firewalls which adjust to unauthorised access attempts and all ports and services are monitored in real time 24/7. We host on secure, hardened and continually updated FreeBSD based servers.

IFDNRG hosts are PCI Compliant and suitable for secure ecommerce systems.

Abstracted network design

When you host with IFDNRG, you are not on 'one server', but a carefully designed platform. All our services are abstracted across separate hardware so that the effects of any given component failure are minimised. In practice this means that even for shared hosting, your services are spread across multiple seperate machine instances.

  • Web servers
  • Anti spam and anti virus border servers
  • POP/IMAP servers
  • SMTP servers

Separating services logically allows us to offer robust and reliable services to clients.

Fully Managed UK based Dedicated Servers

For optimal performance and security we recommend looking at our dedicated server options. A dedicated server with IFDNRG comes fully managed and with full support. We'll keep all the base operating software and the installed service software up to date daily, leaving you to focus on your customers.