IFDNRG Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

We offer a variety of high specification, fast and reliable servers over a fully managed Cisco network.

All dedicated servers are fully managed, connected via Gigabit ports and come with daily local snapshots and 50GB free of external backups. For prudence we also take regular backups of all running systems to an offsite Data center.

We offer FreeBSD as standard for reliability, stability and performance, but you can have any flavour of Linux/Windows you like.

Important note: we do not tolerate spam systems.

All systems come with a control panel for common tasks for ease of administering website hosting, which can be whitelabelled for resellers.

Contact us for High spec NVMe/PCI-e servers,
  • 32 Cores
  • 128GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1 TB NVMe/PCI-e: 3500MBps read, 2500MBps write.
  • 4 x 1TB SSD 500MBps read/write.
  • £3500.00 pa ex VAT

Dedicated Servers

Name OS Platform CoresCPU Speed RAM DisksMonthly Order
D-MAX FreeBSD 64 Bit16C/32T AMD EPYC 7302P 3.00Ghz 128 GB 1 x 1TB NVMe PCI-e £300.00 Order
D-MED FreeBSD 64 Bit6C/12T Intel XEON E-2146G 3.50GHz64 GB1TB NVMe PCI-e £230.00 Order
D-ECO FreeBSD 64 Bit4C/8T Intel XEON E3 3.50GHz 32 GB1TB NVMe PCI-e £140.00 Order

Virtual Servers

Name OS Platform Cores CPUSpeed RAM DisksMonthly Order
VM-MAX FreeBSD 64 Bit 16 AMD EPYC 7302P 16 Core 3.0Ghz 128GB (Shared) 1TB Samsung SSD £100.00 Order
VM-MED FreeBSD 64 Bit 6 Intel XEON 3.3Ghz 32GB (Shared) 100GB Samsung SSD £50.00 Order

Free Sys-Admin service

For FreeBSD based servers, we offer an essentially free system admin service, with free distributed email services. We will keep your OS and apps up to date on a daily basis.

Additionally managed servers are configured so that they are dedicated to handling core services for your websites.

Services such as Email, DNS, and SMTP, (which require redundancy and shouldn't really be done on a single machine), we offload onto a distributed platform with full control via your control panel.

We handle all server updates for you daily, (with notifications for core services).

Windows 2012 Dedicated Servers

We can now also offer leased servers with Windows 2012/ Web SQL licences. As costs for these are core specific, please contact us

Unmanaged Servers

It's your server, manage it as you see fit. Just don't send spam please.

  • Important Note: This is not a spam friendly network, we monitor servers in real time and if you are found to be in breach of our terms then your server will be cancelled with no refund. Please go somewhere else if you want to send spam.
  • Pricing is ex VAT.
  • All servers are fully managed, and kept up to date daily with patches to installed software and the base system.
  • Virtual servers come with 1 IP by default, We can allocate up to 10 IP's for Dedicated Servers where usage can be justified.
  • We are responsible for the hardware. In the unlikely event of issues we will provide a live replacement server configured with your data on a no quibble basis.
  • 50GB of daily backups free
  • All services are monitored in real time.
  • All servers are firewalled, only public services are externally viewable and the public footprint is thus as small as possible.
  • FreeBSD is our preferred choice of OS specifically on the basis on an almost unparalleled security record.
  • IFDNRG FreeBSD servers have been verified as PCI Compliant. This means we have passed regular rigorous external 3rd party checks to ensure that our servers are up to date, free from known vulnerabilities and suitable for ecommerce hosting.
  • With over 20 years experience in managing servers, we specialise in managing secure robust servers for clients.