IFDNRG are a web and video hosting (and development) company with a wide range of expertise in web systems. We are focused on developing our network to promote high performance and highly scalable web services and as a result we provide fast, reliable solutions to the commercial internet sector. Our core responsibilities are to provide ultra-fast web and video hosting in the best possible conditions available, using the latest hardware

Proven history

IFDNRG have a proven history of providing high availability corporate level services and are the hosters of choice for a variety of discerning clients. From IFDNRG's core services, spiral many other services that we can offer to clients in order to make sure they are getting the best from their online businesses.

Examples include
  • A unique platform integrating web, email and video hosting across a distributed platform
  • Custom administration packages developed over many years of hosting
  • Custom analysis packages developed to the benefits of our clients
  • Custom tracking solutions to complement traditional web analysis packages
  • Creative problem solving for internet projects
  • Innovative video features such as customised video overlays, automated camera control (VISCA) and playback systems

High Performance

IFDNRG currently host and support a wide range of clients but specialise in critical premium high demand hosting such as that required for archived streaming media, live broadcast events or high volume web sites.

  • person to person support is always available even out-with office hours.
  • extensive knowledge in internet problem solving and a proven track record of creating solutions for clients, even when asked in the eleventh hour.
  • Decades of experience in corporate level server administration and in all aspects of the underlying network.

Hosting for Agencies

We are expecially interested in working with design agencies, where no compromise is accepted for new website design and where we feel we can offer the same level of expertise to the hosting environment. Our managed platform supports a number of high traffic "custom requirements" websites.