IFDNRG web and video servers host a wide range of online content.

In addition to having our own server racks, we also produce live events with a range of lovely 4K cameras.

We help music festivals, agency campaigns, political organisations, corporate events, charities, musicians, national sports clubs amongst many others ensure their content gets reliably seen online.


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IFDNRG are an experienced UK web and video host hosting secure, high availability and high performance websites on our own hardware and network.

We have over 20 yrs experience in managing a wide range of internet services and know what we're doing.

We focus on fully managed hosting, with a proactive approach to updates and a selective approach to dedicated clients ( no spammers).

As a result our unique blend of services has attracted a diverse range of clients, including some of the largest global brands.

Whatever your size, you can entrust your hosting to one of the best secure UK web hosts.

Shared VM / Dedicated

Fully managed servers

We are experts at providing fully managed, monitored, patched and up to date servers from a fast and secure UK network.

A managed server with IFDNRG comes with full support, so we'll keep all the base operating software and the installed service software up to date daily. more on dedicated servers

IFDNRG are a trusted UK dedicated server host with excellent UK peering, robust global routing and guaranteed technical expertise from engineers who know what they are doing.

IFDNRG dedicated server hosting comes with five star reviews


Business web hosting

Businesses need secure, reliable, fast and PCI Compliant webhosting with responsive support staff.

Our business hosting packages give you the flexability and reliability you need at a sensible price.

Whilst hosting has become commoditised, quality of service has not. You're unlikely to get anyone from Amazon/Google on the phone.

Get your site hosted with one of the best business web hosts. We can make your site perform as good as it looks.

Business hosting

High performance hosting

We specialise in high performance web hosting solutions for clients who operate high traffic sites that need to be fast and robust.

We have a range of dedicated servers with up to 32 CPU cores, fast disks and up to 2TB DDR4 RAM.

Utilising technologies such as HTTP2 / Nginx / Varnish and other caching we can make your site fly.

high performance servers

Design agency hosting

We specialise in responsive hosting solutions for design agencies who need flexible hosting for high volume, often short duration, campaigns. When you've built your brief and now just need it to work, we're the people to call.

With over 20 years experience with some of the worlds biggest brands we can help ensure your campaign gets online reliably and can handle the demand.

Live events ( Production and Streaming)

We have a 12 camera live production setup

  • 4 x Blackmagic Studio 4K
  • 6 x PTZ Optics remote heads
  • 2 x Blackmagic Micro Studio 4K
Dave Milligan being live streamed from Edinburgh jazz and blues festival

These are combined with a wide selection of mixers, hardware encoders and multiple record/playback decks.

We broadcast a variety of events onto the internet for clients who need a flexible team with the expertise and scalability to handle events of any size or complexity.

We do production but are also a networking company, hosting around 100 servers, we have a very in depth understanding of how best to ensure streaming works reliably. In addition to handling the live streaming aspects we can also provide full outside broadcast production facilities.

We are usually the 'go to' people for anything that's a bit "complicated".

Over a 20 year period we have handled thousands of successful live broadcasts, often stepping in when other companies have failed to deliver.

Our strength lies in both our experience and running our own network, which means we understand and have control over the entire broadcast from end to end.

You can trust the experts for your web cast event.

End to end 4K workflow


Our equipment is UltraHD/4K for the highest possible quality.

  • 6 x PTZ Optics remote head cameras
  • 4 x Blackmagic Studio Pro 4K Cameras,
  • 2 x Blackmagic Micro 4K Cameras
  • 1 x SONY remote head cameras
  • Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel 10
  • Blackmagic 4K ATEM Production mixer
  • Blackmagic ATEM Extreme ISO, Mini Pro and ATEM TV mixers
  • Blackmagic 4K Ultrastudio encoding
  • Blackmagic 4K Talk back
  • Multiple Blackmagic 4K Video Assist recorders/monitors
  • Multiple Blackmagic Hyperdecks
  • Multiple Blackmagic Web presenters
  • Multiple Canford Comms Talkback

Dynamic video titling

We have experience in producing custom video title overlays using a variety of technologies, many developed in house. We've built systems to handle ATP Tennis scoring, Referendum graphical statistics/overlays and all sorts of dynamic lower thirds.

As programmers, we love automating stuff and can handle whatever you need done.

Live webcast specialists

IFDNRG Broadcast truck graphic

UPDATE: Now with Starlink

Starlink is a game changer, we can now broadcast from anywhere on the globe

IFDNRG provide outside broadcast facilities specifically for internet distribution, UK webcasts and specialise in social web interactivity bringing your audience back into your event.

Our mobile bonded 4G encoders mean we can broadcast from anywhere that has a 4G/5G signal, and means we are not reliant on existing infrastructure.

With our partners we can supply Satellite truck capability, to include KU and Starlink connectivity from practically anywhere

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Video and audio hosting

IFDNRG are online video and audio hosting specialists and can host both on demand and live video/audio content on our multiple format platform.

With features such as clustered servers, excellent global connectivity and with CDN level scalability our video platform is second to none.

Supported NAS Solutions

We have over 20 yrs experience managing the underlying OS on the most popular open source NAS solution (TrueNAS). As a result we can build and support systems with a degree of expertise few can match.

View NAS Servers

Radio streaming

IFDNRG handles streaming for a number of online radio stations and specialises in supporting internet radio streaming for RSL's who wish to have their content online as well as on air.

With years of experience, we can help with all aspects of internet radio streaming.

Scottish webcasts and live event broadcasting

IFDNRG are a major streaming media provider in Scotland. Whilst we primarily host out of London based data centers, (for optimal international connectivity), and handle events all over the UK, IFDNRG are based from our offices in Leith, Edinburgh.

Experienced and expert webcast specialists