UK Production Facilities

IFDNRG operate a variety of broadcast equipment from our studios in central Edinburgh, although we can travel to any location desired.

We have an experienced and talented production team operating multiple video cameras.

Global live streaming

Camera feeds are live mixed and sent to IFDNRG distribution servers where we can handle audiences of practically any size. Whatever your production requirements, we can help.

  • programming and scheduling of the live broadcast
  • install and operate the video broadcast hardware and software system
  • filming, editing and encoding of content
  • online strategy
  • creative development (script writing, format, production styling)
  • online distribution

Typical production equipment available.

  • Multiple Vision mixers
  • 24 channel Audio desk
  • Vinten/Mannefroto Tripods/'Fig Rig'
  • Studio Broadcast Cameras & Portable DV/HD Camera's ( XL1 etc)
  • DMX lighting rig
  • Hardware Encoders, Osprey capture cards.
    broadcast equipment