IFDNRG Case Study: Yes Campaign/Referendum Night

IFDNRG handled real time graphics for the Yes Campaign throughout the night at Edinburgh's Dynamic Earth.

Whilst the results were disappointing (for us and 1.6 million other Scots!), it was at least a chance to demonstrate our unique dynamic graphical overlay system.

Custom Dynamic video overlays

Developed entirely in house we deployed a variety of dynamic maps and charts onto 2 large projection screens. Information pushed to the screen included mapped SVG councils areas, announcement splashes, turnout splashes and a variety of animated sequences to display real time data.

Project details

  • Project: Live Web cast & Dynamic SVG Graphical overlays
  • Yes Campaign /SNP
    • Dynamic graphical results system with animated map and chart overlays
    • Live twitter feeds
    • Announcement animations
    • Summary animated line charts
    • All 100% real time data

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