IFDNRG HTML5 Server Platform, Wowza, Lighttpd, NGINX, Apache

Cross platform, HTML5 Streaming

IFDNRG can offer tried and tested html5 video hosting facilities that will work whatever platform you're targetting, on demand or live.

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android

We offer HTTP Live streaming, RTMP (real time media protocol) and Progressive HTTP streaming for Flash or MP4 video so whether you want the flexibility of a Flash Application server or universally accessible HTTP streaming we can handle it.

Live RTMP Flash Streaming

We can handle on demand or live rtmp/http flash streaming and our network is scalable to extremely high volumes.

Multi-codec support

We can handle a multitude of codecs H.264, vp6 mp4 over whatever protocol you require (typically rtmp/http/mms)

Server Platforms

For on demand streaming we utilise our FLV/MP4 hosting cluster, for live streaming we run Wowza Media streaming servers.

Load balanced and Clustering

We can offer scalable handling of traffic across multiple servers within our platform. Using traditional round robin DNS clusters or modern origin/edge server configurations, we can ensure that no matter how popular your stream becomes we can handle the load. Our clustering solutions are similar to those used by YouTube.

Low Latency

Our server platforms offer incredibly low latency connections. Depending on client network conditions your live stream can be as little as 1 second behind real time